Nicholas Schiefer

About Me

I am a Member of Technical Staff at Anthropic, an AI safety and research company. I spend most of my time building evaluations of large language models with the eventual aim of understanding whether they could pose catastrophic risks. I also build software tools to make it easier to do research on large language models.

These days I am most interested in large language models, the science of deep learning, mechanistic interpretability, and the early field of "alignment science", which asks: How do we know what an AI system is trying to do?

Prior to joining Anthropic, I was a graduate student in computer science at MIT, where I was privileged to be advised by Piotr Indyk.

My main project at MIT was Riffle, a project applying ideas from database design to app development, in collobration with Geoffrey Litt, Johannes Schickling, and Daniel Jackson. I continue to work on the Riffle project in an adivsory role.

From 2017 to 2020, I was a software engineer at Apple, where I built database systems for iCloud, including the FoundationDB Record Layer.

I graduated from Caltech with a degree in computer science in 2016. At Caltech, I was heavily involved in student government.

My (outdated) CV is available.